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I’ve been taking photos of architecture and interiors for 20 years. I use a large format Sinar camera with a Leaf digital back attached for a high resolution image, roughly 100Mb Tiff. The Sinar is a technical camera which allows me to capture a perspective similar to using a tilt/shift lens on a dslr. This might be called a formal view where vertical lines in the image do not converge or diverge, remaining parallel to each other and to the frame of the image. Horizontal lines can also be ‘squared up’. This lends itself well to photos of architecture.

Typically a commission for me involves photography of a recently finished building. In fact it’s not unusual to be trying to take photos in the ever-decreasing period of time between the building being finished and the users taking up occupation ! The hope is that this is the time when the building is at it’s freshest, cleanest, as well as being less disruptive for the arriving occupants. It doesn’t always work out ideally however, and this is where post-production work can help.

Photoshop allows me to make adjustments to the colour of the light and contrast, as well as removing unwanted objects – vehicles, people and rubbish – within reason. Photoshop, on the other hand, won’t help recreate good light, and I am always waiting for a sunny day, and so forever at the mercy of the forecasters.

Some recent clients have been

Niall McLaughlin, Penoyre and Prasad, Eric Parry, Theis and Khan, Woods Baggot, Henley Halebrown Rorrison, Guy Stansfeld, Belsize, Pitman Tozer, Design Engine, Birds Portchmouth and Russum, Lewandowski, JAK Studios, Mackay and Partners, Spratley Studios, AY Architects, Derek Wylie, Christian Garnett, Hampshire County.

Newspapers, magazines and websites 
New York Times, Sunday Times, AJ, RIBA Journal, Architecture Today, Architectural Review, Domus, World Architecture, Dezeen, ArchDaily, Europaconcorsi, Arqa.

Other companies 
BBC radio 4, Harrods, Aberdeen Asset Management, Roundhouse, King’s College London, TWG Tea, Richard Mille, Smartglass, Brash Brands.


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